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Institute for Law and Public Policy

Address: 129090, Moscow, Shchepkina str., 8

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 140, Moscow, 129090, Russia

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ILPP is a Moscow-based independent non-profit non-governmental organization, one of the leading Russian think tanks that conducts research, educational activities and publishing in the sphere of constitutional processes since 1993. Until 2000, the Institute was a part of the Moscow public Science Foundation as a Center for constitutional studies.

In 2007 the Institute received a prestigious second annual MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions.

Since 2009 the Institute is a member of the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL).

In the beginning of 90th of XX century the Russian society became aware of not only the deficit of commodity output but also a deficit of law. The strive for a just, based on law, social order became activated in 1992-1993, i.e. in the period of development of the new Constitution of the Russian Federation. Just during that period the need for establishing the institutions to be able professionally and with participation of the civil society and international community to introduce the Russian population and professionals with analysis of constitutional processes both in Russia and in other post-communist countries was of paramount importance. The work of Moscow Public Scientific Foundation (MPSF)’ Center for Constitutional research (CCR) was highly called for and appreciated, nevertheless, its focus on separate research activities while transforming to work on the principles of a comprehensive “project oriented” activity needed serious corrections. The main strategic objective became to transform the CCR into independent and powerful enough element of the Russian system of the constitutionalism development and facilitation of liberal/democratic forms of political processes in Russia.

The establishment of Institute of law and public policy (24 July, 2000) became the important stage on the way to meet the latter objective and create the so called “intellectual center” that would unite the best Russian and foreign constitutionalists, professionals in the area of public law as well as experts in the area of administrative, legal and court reforms.

The Institute has successfully completed more than 100 national and international projects. Focusing on protection of constitutional rights, the Institute is also involved in research on important problems of juvenile crime and offence, and access to justice for the poor and vulnerable, development and implementation of modern educational methods, conduction of international conferences, forums and seminars for representatives of law-enforcement and legislative authorities on federal and regional level with participation of leading experts both internal and foreign and publishing activities. The Institute has extensive experience with the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, and also experience of the processing and analysis of the practice of the Court on different questions.

In addition, the Institute has experience leading various training programs for judges and officials of courts (of all levels – constitutional, commercial, and general jurisdiction), for representative organs of executive power, and NGOs.

The Institute has experience of initiating court processes, reflecting characteristics of different spheres of social life. An example is the case of Sberbank versus its minority shareholder V.G. Kleiner and printed publications of Vedomosti and Vremya Novostei. In addition, experts of the Institute have experience in preparing complaints to the Constitutional Court on economic questions – for example, the complaint regarding a constitutionality of Article 105 of the Russian Civil Code, defining the legal status of affiliated societies, in terms of Article 17, 34, and 35 of the Russian Constitution.

The expert network of the Institute includes acting and former judges of the Russian Constitutional Court and constitutional courts of other countries, officials of constitutional courts, and also leading Russian and foreign specialists.

The main forms of the Institute's activities are:

  • Rendering analytical, information and reference materials on different subjects related to law and politics;
  • Monitoring of legislation and law enforcement practice;
  • Organizing and conducting international conferences, forums, seminars, workshops and round tables;
  • Publishing and distributing monographs, essays, textbooks and compilations of reports and presentations;
  • Developing and implementing new educational programs and methods of teaching and studying law and politics in cooperation with schools and universities;
  • Organizing and conducting training programs and summer schools  for judges and courts' staff, civil and municipal servants, lawyers, human rights defenders, lecturers and teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions, young scholars etc.;
  • Creating a database on Russian and foreign specialists in the sphere of law and public policy;
  • Forming a legal library and archive of the Institute.
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