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The Constitution in the Judgments of the Russian Constitutional Court (1992-2016) / endorsed by L.O. Ivanova. - 3rd ed., Ext. - Moscow: Institute for Law and Public Policy, 2017. - 1303 p. (Конституция в постановлениях Конституционного Суда России (1992–2016) / под общ. ред. Л. О. Иванова. – 3-е изд., доп. – Москва : Институт права и публичной политики, 2017. – 1303 с.) In Russian

The Collected Book contains a summary of 490 decisions of the Russian Constitutional Court taken from the beginning of its work to August, 2016 and it is an enlarged edition to the similar Book of 2015. The peculiarity of the Book is that the decisions of the Constitutional Court are systematized in accordance with the chapters and articles of the Constitution of Russia, which will allow the reader to easily navigate the thematic variety of decisions of the Constitutional Court and see constitutional provisions in their judicial explanation. The Book is equipped with an alphabetical index and a pointer to the legislation, which will allow the reader to easily find a decision of the Court, in which one or another legal problem of interest was resolved.

The Book is for practicing lawyers, employees of state authorities and local self-government, teachers, graduate students and students of law schools and faculties, as well as all those who are interested in problems of constitutional justice and protection of citizens' rights and freedoms.

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*VAT is not charged (Chapter 26.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).
** When presenting a copy of a student ID card or a postgraduate certificate.

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