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A seminar for practicing lawyers on How to Defend the Rights in Strasbourg? From a Formulation of Violations up to a Filling an Application Form, December 15-16, 2017 in Novosibirsk



December 15-16, 2017

Location: Hotel River Park (2, Dobrolyubova St.), Novosibirsk

Registration (in Russian) is open till December 3, 2017 

The Fund of Assistance to Mass Communications Development and Legal Education “Tak-Tak-Tak” in partnership with the Institute for Law and Public Policy invite attorneys and practicing lawyers to attend the seminar of applying to the European Court of Human Rights, which will be held from 10 a.m. til 5 p.m. on December 15-16, 2017 (Friday-Saturday) in Novosibirsk. The seminar is held within the Project Enhancing Civic Engagement in Strategic Constitutional Litigation in Russia

To participate in the seminar we invite:

  • lawyers and practicing lawyers working with low-income and socially vulnerable segments of the population;
  • lawyers of non-profit organizations;
  • lawyers of the machinery of the commissioners for human rights, child rights and entrepreneurs' rights;
  • representatives of university legal clinics (young scientists, graduate students, teachers);
  • and everyone interested in dealing with the ECHR.

The seminar consists of classes aimed at obtaining practical skills (assessing the admissibility of a complaint, developing a position on the case, analyzing court decisions, filling out a new complaint form).

The seminar program includes consideration of all the main aspects of the European Convention on the Protection of Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of 1950, which makes it universal for all participants (a detailed analysis of the circumstances of the case, the formulation of the position, the argumentation on the articles of the Convention). Trainers will explain how to most effectively file a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights and apply the legal positions of the Court in their practical activities in Russia.

The participants will receive answers to the following questions:

- What is the specificity of the case in the European Court?
- What are the criteria for the admissibility of the complaint and the specifics of their application by the European Court?
- How to conduct business in the national court, so as not to lose the chances for its consideration by the European Court?
- How to file a complaint with the European Court under the new rules so that it can be considered by the Court on its merits?
- What typical mistakes of the applicants does the Court of Justice face and how to prevent them?
- How to argue the complaint (to formulate what was the violation, work out the applicant's position, pick up its legal justification, formulate the demand for the European Court)?

Requirements for the seminar participants: legal education and practice in the courts.

As a result of the seminar, a certificate will be issued.

Seminar Trainers:




Legal Director of the Human Rights Center Memorial, in charge of litigation at the European Court of Human Rights. He has many years of experience in representing applicants before the Court on a variety of issues, whether it is a crime against the civilian population in Chechnya, extradition to the Central Asian countries at risk of torture, justice in civil and criminal processes, environmental pollution or LGBT rights. In addition to the legal practice he taught at the University of Strasbourg, University of Paris West Nanterre La Défense, the European Humanities University (Vilnius), was an expert at the International Independent Commission of Inquiry in the south of Kyrgyzstan in June 2010, Penal Reform International, the Institute for Law and Public Policy.



Lawyer of the Institute foe Law and Public Policy. Master of Laws (Advanced LL.M.) (Leiden University). She has experience advising and applying to the European Court of Human Rights on issues related to the fairness of the criminal process, violation of the right to life, violation of the right to freedom and personal inviolability, violation of the right to respect for private life in criminal proceedings, in the context of disclosure of medical information and access to information, etc. Previously, she completed an internship at the United Nations Refugee Agency (Yerevan, Armenia, 2014) and the international legal practice of Human Rights in Practice (The Hague, Netherlands, 2015), as well as worked with the Eurasia-Cooperation Foundation as an external consultant on the project related to the assessment of the participation of Armenian NGOs in the preparation of alternative reports to the UN treaty bodies on human rights protection (Yerevan, Armenia, 2015).

You can find out more information by contacting the seminar coordinator Darya Chirkova at

Find the information about upcoming seminars on the website of the Institute and its official page on Facebook



The seminar is conducted with support from the European Union

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