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A seminar "Strategic Judicial Protection of Advocates Secrets", March 23, 2018, Moscow

The Institute for Law and Public Policy announces a competitive selection of attorneys to participate in the practical seminar "Strategic Judicial Protection of Advocates Secrets". The seminar is held within the project "Using Constitutional and International Justice Mechanisms to Strengthen Human Rights Capabilities of the Russian Advokatura".

Over the seminar the participants will receive practical recommendations on advocates secrets protection, taking into account the practice of the Russian Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights. In addition, on the example of concrete cases, the participants will jointly discuss possible directions of strategic judicial work to solve certain problems in this area.

Questions to be discussed:

- What are the international and constitutional legal standards for advocates secrets protection over investigative actions (search, seizure, control and recording of negotiations, interrogation of counsel), operational search activities (examination of premises, listening to telephone conversations, obtaining computer information, etc.), and also when communicating with a client at a pre-trial detention center?
- How to apply these standards in practice?
- What problems need to be addressed in this area?
- How can these problems be addressed through the mechanisms of strategic judicial protection?

The participants of the seminar (up to 25 people) will be selected on the basis of the call for proposals and the prospects for the case offered by the participant for discussion at the seminar.

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