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Project 'Promoting better quality journalistic reporting of constitutional litigation at the regional level within the European human rights framework (2015-2016)'

About Project

For journalists who are writing about legal issues, human rights and judicial activities, it is necessary to understand the specifics of legal implications of the decisions of the Russian Constitutional Court as the “interpreter” of the main law of the country. In addition, the European Court of Human Rights plays an important role in our lives, because its decisions are often the subject of constitutional disputes at national level.

Project Goal is creating a cadre of journalists (a network of court observers) at the regional and national levels able to communicate the significance and importance of constitutional and international justice to the general public, and thus making a major contribution to Freedom of Expression.

Project stakeholders include both national media journalists and leading court reporters who work for regional print and electronic media. Another stakeholder category includes bloggers who write their blog posts independently or for specialized web portals ( and They continue to play a significant role in covering the latest developments, despite tougher legislative rules for the mandatory registration of Internet bloggers. Their influence affects largely the younger generation that is using IT devices on a day-to-day basis, and socially-active middle-class groups comprising representatives of small and medium enterprises.  Those using the Internet to find information to defend their rights in court will be often provided with it by bloggers.

The first seminar for journalists, court reporters, editors and bloggers on “The judiciary and the media: in search of effective protection of fundamental human rights” already took place on 11 and 12 July 2015 in Moscow.


On-line webinars open for journalists on constitutional case studies (incl. the national and regional constitutional courts, some cases of the Supreme Court, European Court of Human Rights and other courts in foreign jurisdictions – when it is relevant). ILPP experts will conduct on-line webinar sessions (1,5 hours each) with questions and answers. The experts will focus on the most recent practice of the RCC and ECHR (in some cases it could be focused on the practice of the UN treaty bodies, i.e. working groups’ opinions). After each of the webinars the moderator will publish on the E-Justice Portal case comments, as an assisting resource for the journalists.

Topics of the previous webinars


One three-day Workshop for the group of journalists. ILPP constitutional and international law experts and court journalists will give further details on specifics on the Russian Constitutional Court and a few international courts’ proceedings; additionally they will be trained on the observations.

One-day Roundtable for 25-30 participants from the media, jurists/litigants of the civil society organizations on the topical issues of public campaining within strategic constitutional and international litigation. This meeting will be moderated by the Russian and European experts in strategic litigation.


Practical guide on key issues on strategic litigation and media campaigning, on specific litigation vocabular etc. will be published in printed (300 copies approximately 200 pages length) and electronic format. Guide will be prepared by the experts, involved in the workshop and roundtable moderators, and will cover all issues, discussed and raised by the journalists during these two events.

Project Duration: December 01, 2015- July 31, 2016

Participation in the project for journalists is free of charge.

Participants are selected on a competitive ground.

The costs of transport, food and accommodation for participants will be reimbursed, and in some cases – travel expenses for regional participants.

At the end of the workshop participants will receive a certificate.

For more information please contact: Stanislav Vakhrushev,, 8 ( 495) 608-69-59 

Photo credit by Oleg Koldaev

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