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Project “Involvement of the volunteers in work of youth offending reconciliation panels in Leningrad region” (2010-2011)

The project is supported by “The Russian Children in need Fund”.

Main purpose of the Project is raising the level of involvement of community in process of resocialization of juvenile offenders by the means of activization of volunteering activity for assistance in creation and for participation in work of youth offending reconciliation panels.

For realization of the named purpose the following tasks should be fulfilled:

  • Involvement of local community members on voluntarily and free basis in process of social rehabilitation of juvenile offenders on the local level.
  • Building cooperation between local authorities, court and community members, participating in volunteer activity in Luzsky district of Leningrad region for the improvement of work with juvenile offenders.
  • Training of community members, who plan to participate in volunteer activity in frames of youth offending reconciliation panel on the territory of Luzsky district of the Leningrad region.
  • Enlargement of the list and improvement quality of social-pedagogue services provided for juveniles who committed crimes on the basis of restorative approach.
  • Activization of authorities and communities in other districts of the Leningrad region on encouraging volunteering in work with juvenile offenders.

Project period is 10 months.

Project activities:

  • Conduction of the roundtable "Development of New Technologies to Work with Juveniles Offenders in Russia: Restorative Justice and Humane Competence of Judges" - 27-28 June, 2011 (Moscow)
  • Conduction of the roundtable on Establishing Youth Offenders Reconciliation Panels - 26th May, 2011 (Luga)
  • Conduction of the introductory seminar “Development of the courts, social sphere specialists and volunteers’ competence in sphere of restorative technologies and development of the model of youth offending reconciliation panel”. - 7-8th of October, 2010 (Luga)
  • Conduction of the seminar on organization of youth offending reconciliation panels’ activity.
  • Conduction of the roundtable in Luzsky district on analysis and monitoring of the youth offending reconciliation panels’ activity, and for informing of local community about purpose of the project, its implementation and first results.
  • Conduction of the roundtable on summarizing of the results and dissemination of the innovative social technology - youth offending reconciliation panel, June 27-28, 2011 (Moscow).
  • Publication on the Project experience.
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