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Enhancing Civic Engagement in Strategic Constitutional Litigation in Russia
Our cases at the RCC and ECHR

As part of the project, the lawyers of the Institute for Law and Public Policy monitor systemic human rights violations, provide legal advice to NGO lawyers, attorneys and individual applicants on the matters of proceedings before the Russian Constitutional Court (RCC), as well as before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and other international bodies. In addition to that, the Institute lawyers are engaged in research and analysis of the constitutional and international courts case law, and also provide independent amicus curiae briefs on the cases heard by the Constitutional Court of Russia.


The Institute monitors systemic human rights violations, inter alia, by accumulating the applications submitted by lawyers and individuals concerning prospects of application to the RCC and the ECHR.

2013 through 2016, the lawyers worked on 125 cases, 52 of which were addressed to the Institute by private individuals, 32 – by attorneys, and 27 – by NGOs.

Not many cases were selected for application to the RCC and/or ECHR. During the four years concerned, the project lawyers drafted/assisted with the drafting of 24 applications to the RCC and 7 applications to the ECHR, in some cases simultaneously filing applications with both judicial institutions. The most significant cases handled by the Institute lawyers are described below.


Criminal prosecution for multiple technical violations of statutory rules for organization or holding of peaceful public assemblies (2016-2017)

Retroactive application of the new statutory limitation period (2015-2016)

Disproportionate restriction of the right to know one’s ancestors (2015)

Delegation of the prosecution functions in administrative violations cases to the court (2014)

Enforcement of the ECHR judgments on the cases of forced disappearances in the North Caucasus (2014)

The issue of absent voting among the member of the electoral commissions (2013)

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