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Enhancing Civic Engagement in Strategic Constitutional Litigation in Russia
Legal Advice on Constitutional Matters

Each year thousands of complaints are submitted to Russian Constitutional Court (RCC), while few of them are declared admissible. One of the reasons of such a state of affairs is lack of information on specifics of constitutional litigation and admissibility criteria. We provide a possibility to get a legal advice in relation to a particular case.

A consultation is necessary to study a given legal situation, to analyze the facts of the case, as well as to research relevant regulation and case law. You may fill out our consultation form here (in Russian) and send a scan copy via

After thorough analysis of the case, our lawyers will evaluate potential risks and benefits of filing an application with RCC, advise on case strategy, give recommendations on preparing and/or mastering a complaint, as well as assist in preparation for hearings and deal with other arising questions.

We provide free consultations to the following applicants if they seek to engage in constitutional litigation:

  • non-profit sector lawyers and bar association memebers;
  • lawyers providing legal services to socially and/or economically disadvantaged people regardless their citizenship;
  • private sector lawyers involved in urgent cases of constitutional significance;
  • socially and/or economically disadvantaged people regardless their citizenship.
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