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Defense of Lawyers' Rights
The Institute for Law and Public Policy constantly assesses legislation and legal practices concerning the framework of lawyers' professional rights in Russia and globally.

During 2017-2019, the Institute completed a pilot project titled Protection of Lawyers' Rights: Constitutional, International and Comparative Legal Context. Russian professional legal community took active participation in the project. More information about the projects' areas of research, events, and expert papers is available from the Institute's archive website.

Until 2019 we were conducting research of issues related to the rights of the human rights professionals who provided legal assistance to the public and themselves were facing repressive measures.

Based on the research done in the pilot project, the Institute is conducting an ongoing research project that continues to collect and analyze information on systemic threats to the legal profession and the Russian Bar associations. Among these threats are: (1) forbidding lawyers to enter buildings where detained human rights activists are held, (2) compulsion of lawyers to testify against their clients, (3) restriction of access to the client during a warranted search, (4) use of disciplinary actions towards lawyers who had been publicly critical of courts, law-enforcement agencies or bar associations.

One of the main goals of the project is to establish and strengthen the interaction between lawyers, human rights organizations and international experts in the field of international and constitutional law. The aim is to study the best practices in this field globally and to find the models applicable to the Russian context.

We hold regular discussions on possible models of strategic actions to protect lawyers' rights including strategic litigation in the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and European Court of Human Rights.

The project will be completed in 2020. We will present the final report at a public roundtable event later this year. Aside from theoretical research and analysis of the relevant legislation, we will also poll lawyers practicing in various Russian regions to specify understanding of the situation and to find solutions to improve it. Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation acts as our media partner.

Project is conducted with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Russia and European Union.

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